Buying a House in Guanacaste, the Gold Coast of Costa Rica

Kristine Gorman is a tax accountant from the New England region who is planning on becoming an expatriate in Costa Rica. She is 41 years young and is looking to one day retire here with her significant other and their 2-year old child. She was recently in Playa Flamingo, looking at properties in one of the Gold Coast beaches of Guanacaste. She has been kind enough to share her experiences with The Costa Rica Star, and you can read about her first two days here. In a future article, we will let you know more about her house hunting trip. We have made some slight revisions for grammar and style, but this is mostly Kris telling us her story.


Since I first stepped foot on the soft, volcanic and vibrant Costa Rican sand, I instantly feel in love. I fell in love with the country, the people, the views, mountains, and beaches. I feel in love with the Pura Vida. Since I started vacationing in Costa Rica, it has been my mission to retire there. I dream of building a life and raising a family in the wonderful country, and to become an expat in Costa Rica. Retiring in another country can be exhilarating, terrifying and liberating. There is so much to consider; Healthcare, crime, location, jobs, economy etc… Where does one begin?


Playa Flamingo, Day One:


A day in paradise! After a grueling 3 hour flight from Boston to Miami and a 2 1/2 hour flight to Liberia plus a 40-minute ride to Playa Flamingo, WE FINALLY MADE IT! Taking our rental car from the airport we stopped at a local mercado for some Imperial beers and a snack. Following the road to our destination, we stopped at the Tiki Liki for some AMAZING Mahi Mahi fish tacos. Of course after we couldn’t resist a stroll on the beach with the warm water under our feet, the sun in our face and the humidity drenching every ounce of our body…it was heaven!

Once we settled into our quaint little condo in the marina, I was taken by the spectacular views of the ocean, the gorgeous mountains and sound of the waves crashing down on the white sandy beach behind us. After a quick nap (siesta, I woke up I Boston at 3:15am!), it was cocktail hour at the infinity pool. Thank God because it’s about 85 percent humidity. Sitting in an infinity pool overlooking the marina in Costa Rica is heaven on Earth.

Now I sit here on the balcony watching the lightning storm put on a dramatic show in the distance, sipping on an ice cold drink and trying to put this fabulous day into words. Thinking about some dinner at Maria’s later and off to get some sleep. Looking at properties tomorrow! Playa Flamingo is a quaint beach town, charming and outright beautiful! Stay tuned. PURA VIDA!


Playa Tamarindo, Day Two:


Our second day in Tamarindo Beach was nothing less than spectacular. We started our morning by sleeping in… thank God because a day of flying and having to wake up at 3:15am can take a toll on you. So we got all refreshed and ready to go, and then we met our realtor at 10am here at our condo in Playa Flamingo. Off to see how far our initial investment will go in our quest to buy property in Costa Rica. We are crossing our fingers for the ride!

We started our tour and visited 6 properties in Playa Flamingo, Playa Matapalo and Tamarindo Beach. Location, location, location….or so they say. We saw inexpensive properties that needed upgrades, condos on the beach and some that were in between. We decided that this was our “foot in the door” so to speak. We decided to make an offer on a small two-bedroom and 1 1/2 bathroom property across the road from the beach, and the reason being: Future rental potential ($$$). Although our goal is to live in Costa Rica and many of the properties we saw met our “live in” expectations, we needed to stay focused on our initial need: A vacation home with rental potential.

After our decision to invest in Tamarindo Beach, we explored the area yet again. It’s been 3 years since I have been in Tamarindo. I have to say the infrastructure, cleanliness and amount of quality restaurants and shops was highly impressive. Our decision was a no brainer. We went back to our condo in Playa Flamingo, had a cocktail and emailed our realtor. We shall see what happens when we take our next step.

The Costa Rica Star October 18, 2014